My Main interests of research centre on Motor Control and Learning.  The primary aspects of the Motor Control line of research is to better understand the mechanisms responsible for movement integration in multiple target directed aiming tasks.  The primary aspect of my Motor Learning line of research is to better understand expertise performance and ways to accelerate individuals towards expert performance.   

Within the Motor Control context I have, and continue to, research the effects of movement perturbation, pre-cueing, affect, size and target location, number of effectors involved, limb asymmetries, and movement direction on the nature of multiple segment integration, together with investigating mediating factors (such as the role that vision plays) within these integration processes. 

Within Motor Learning, my interests reside in ascertaining how practice influences and interacts with the above together with furthering our understanding of effective skill acquisition techniques and paradigms. For example; what are the discriminating factors between those who obtain and those who don’t obtain expertise and super elite status; influence virtual reality use and transfer to real life; focus of attention during novice and expert performance; the stress-performance relationship and how anxiety related choking can be prevented together with how the training environment can be structured to optimally achieve this; the use of novel visual occlusion or visual training aids in enhancing skill development; and optimal ways to structure practice to accelerate learning.

Within both of my research domains, I also work with special populations in order to further our understanding of the motor control and learning challenges faced by individuals with Down syndrome.  

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