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College of Natural Sciences, Director of Research


Ecology, management and ecosystem services of forests and agroforestry systems, with particular emphasis on tropical and upland environments. Biodiversity conservation in protection and production forests; invasive woody species. Forest restoration and remediation of degraded and post-industrial land. Sustainable forest management and policy including: climate change mitigation; Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation; reduced impact logging; silviculture; secondary and buffer-zone forest management; community participation; monitoring. Forest ecology including: natural regeneration; resistance and resilience of forests to disturbance; succession; landscape; climate change adaptation.  Ecosystem ecology across a range of forest, agroforestry, agricultural and upland land uses: nutrient and carbon cycling; sustainable intensification.



Weissflog, A.  Assessing the role of fungus-mediated plant-soil feedbacks during secondary succession of tropical forests. Co-supervised with Lars Markesteijn and Andy Smith

Forster, E. Developing environmentally sustainable forestry value chains. Co-supervised with Dave Styles

Barton, O.  Environmental and human drivers of fallow deer movement and habitat use in North Wales: Implications for natural resource management. Co-supervised with Graeme Shannon and Line Cordes

Smith, C. A multi-scale assessment of the regrowth potential of secondary forests in the Brazilian Amazon. Co-supervised with Fernando Espirito-Santo and Jos Barlow

Ford, H. Widening our view of the reef: the landscape ecology of disturbance and recovery on Pacific coral reefs. Co-supervised with Gareth Williams and Nick Graham

Dymond, C. Climate Change Mitigation through Adaptation: Applying Ecological Resilience Theory to Forest Management.

Mosbery, M. Temperate lianes: Forest ecology and urban habitat enrichment. Co-supervised with Lars Markesteijn

Govigli, V.M. Modelling socio-ecological interactions of sacred forests in Northern Greece. Co-supervised with John Halley and Jenny Wong



(Papers directly related to climate change mitigation and adaptation are indicated by C)


Tropical forest management, degradation and conservation

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Tropical forest ecology and restoration

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Temperate forest, heathland and peatland ecology

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Tree disease bioeconomic modelling

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Nutrient cycling/resource use/sustainable production

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Science-policy interface

O’Leary, B.C., Kvist, K., Bayliss, H.R., Derroire, G., Healey, J.R., Hughes, K., Kleinschroth, F., Sciberras, M., Woodcock, P. & Pullin, A.S. (2016). The reliability of evidence reviews in environmental science and conservation. Environmental Science and Policy 64, 75-82 (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1462901116303318).




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BA Botany (University of Oxford)
PhD (University of Cambridge)
Member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters

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