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    Multi-faceted implementation of stroke prevention guidelines in primary care: cluster-randomised evaluation of clinical and cost-effectiveness.

    Wright, J., Bibby, J., Eastham, J., Harrison, S., McGeorge, M., Patterson, C., Price, N., Russell, D., Russell, I., Small, N., Walsh, M. & Young, J., 1 Ion 2007, Yn : Quality and Safety in Health Care. 16, 1, t. 51-59

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    Effectiveness of multi-faceted implementation of guidelines in primary care

    Wright, J., Warren, E., Reeves, J., Bibby, J., Harrison, S., Dowswell, G., Russell, I. & Russell, D., 1 Gorff 2003, Yn : Journal of Health Services Research and Policy. 8, 3, t. 142-148

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    Thromboprophylaxis prescribing among junior doctors: the impact of educational interventions

    Wyatt, B., Williams, D., Whitaker, C. & Lewis, L., 15 Gorff 2016, Yn : BMC Health Services Research. 16, 8 t.

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    Mild cognitive impairment and mood: a systematic review

    Yates, J. A., Clare, L. & Woods, R. T., 6 Tach 2013, Yn : Reviews in Clinical Gerontology. 23, t. 317-356

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    Diabetic retinopathy screening: perspectives of people with diabetes, screening intervals and costs of attending screening

    Yeo, S. T., Edwards, R. T., Luzio, S. D., Charles, J. M., Thomas, R. L., Peters, J. M. & Owens, D. R., 19 Meh 2012, Yn : Diabetic Medicine. 29, 7, t. 878-885

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    Encouraging fruit consumption in primary schoolchildren: a pilot study in North Wales, UK

    Yeo, S. T. & Edwards, R. T., 10 Awst 2006, Yn : Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. 19, 4, t. 299-302

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    Economic evidence for EUS staging in patients with gastro-oesophageal cancer (GOC): protocol for a systematic review

    Yeo, S. T., Bray, N. J., Haboubi, H., Hoare, Z. & Edwards, R., 27 Gorff 2016, NIHR PROSPERO (International Prospective Register of Systematic Reviews).

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