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My research is in Anglo-Welsh Writing (Welsh Writing in English). My MA degree explored the role of the Welsh Mam in twentieth-century literature, from Kate Roberts to Rachel Trezise. My PhD thesis explores the female response to the publication of the Blue Books, focusing on mostly nineteenth-century Anglo-Welsh women's writing. The 1847 Report into education in Wales placed blame of the Welsh's perceived immorality on women, in their capacity as mothers. My thesis will focus on the female-led response the accusations in the Blue Books, by analysing literature from authors such as Amy Dillwyn, Anne Beale, Allen Raine and more.

I have twice presented a paper at The Association for Welsh Writing in English: the first on the Rebecca Riots (which I also focus on in my thesis), and the second on Jane Edwards' exploration of motherhood at a time of change in women's reproductive rights during the twentieth century. 

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