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Professor Jonathan Williams

Professor of Banking and Finance


Office: Hen Goleg

Professor Jonathan Williams is Professor of Banking and Finance at Bangor University. Jonathan is Visiting Professor at the University of Turin, Italy, the University of Malta, and ZUFE (Zheijiang University of Finance and Economics), China. 

Jonathan's research applies empirical methods to measure the impact on bank performance outcomes of inter alia public policy, ownership structures, and board-level characteristics. Jonathan has presented his research at institutions, such as, The World Bank and central banks, and delivered keynote speeches at conferences and universities across the world. Jonathan's current interests include executive remuneration, FinTech, and M&A. He is currently participating in OPtBank, a EC Erasmus Plus Capacity Building Program to develop research training involving universities in Indonesia.

Jonathan is a former Head of Bangor Business School. He is a Trustee of Bangor University Pension Scheme, co-director of the Institute of European Finance, Editor of World Banking Abstracts, and Chair of the European Association of Teachers of Banking and Finance. 

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Teaching Undergraduate

International Banking (ASB3201)

Banks and Financial Markets (ASB1501/2501)

Bank Management (ASB3525)


Postgraduate Teaching

International Banking (ASB4411)

International Banking (ASB9042) - Chartered Banker MBA

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