Mrs Liz Morris

Cynorthwyydd Ymchwil Ôl-ddoethurol mewn Bioddiogelwch Anfrodorol

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Room: Room 325, Nautilus Suite, Westbury Mount              Phone: Teams

E-mail:                     Twitter: @LizUnderwater


I am an interdisciplinary marine scientist, with a grounding in marine ecology I now apply social science, human geography and environmental psychology approaches to the management and monitoring of the marine environment.


My academic training began at the University of Wales, Bangor in 1999, with a BSc (Hons.) in Marine Biology. Subsequently, I pursued interests in tropical marine ecology and research in the Philippines and Egypt leading back to Bangor for an MSc. in Marine Environmental Protection. In 2005 I established Marine Ecological Solutions (Marine EcoSol), a small marine consultancy specialising in UK scientific diving survey and logistics and subtidal epibenthic survey by scientific diving and underwater imagery.


After 16 years of working as an ecologist, consultant and scientific diver for government agencies, NGOs and private clients, I was increasingly asked to work with people. In 2016 I returned to academia as a PhD student under supervision of Professor Stuart Jenkins and Dr Freya St. John, with research interests in how the marine environment impacts people, and how people impact the marine environment. I am currently a post doctoral researcher for the Ecostructure project, specialising in marine invasive non-native species.


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