Dr Nathan King

wyddog Ymchwil Ôl-Ddoethurol

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My research has focussed on understanding the consequences of climate change (global warming and ocean acidification) and other anthropogenic stressors (e.g. nutrient loading) on the structure and function of intertidal and shallow subtidal systems. I completed my PhD at Aberystwyth University where I focussed on kelp forests of the North East Atlantic. I utilised a range of molecular and traditional techniques to assess how these systems would respond to predicted climate scenarios and what the ramifications would be for the wider ecosystem. This included field surveys to assess standing stocks of carbon, microsatellite and RADseq to understand patterns of genetic diversity and population connectivity and gene expression as an indicator for physiological stress. I currently work on understanding how climate change will affect shellfish fisheries and aquaculture in the Irish Sea. This research is also multidisciplinary and involves: molecular screening for emerging pathogens, mesocosm experiments to assess physiological tipping points and Species Distribution Modelling to predict range shifts under various climate scenarios.


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