I am currently studying sustainable intensification of dairy production at the UK level taking into account possible indirect land use change in other countries associated with feed imports, to better understand and reduce the environmental impact of milk and beef production.

I am interested in the mathematical and statistical modelling for sustainable agriculture as a means of finding practical solutions to farm management problems. I am experienced in the modelling of dairy farm efficiency and sustainability with the benchmarking method Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). Previous research experience includes my PhD project in trade-offs in sustainable dairy farming systems (The University of Edinburgh, Scotland's Rural College [SRUC], and the French Institute for Agricultural Research [INRA]) and a global climate change scenario modelling exercise (Centre for the study of Environmental Change and Sustainability [CECS] at The University of Edinburgh).


CLEANER COWS: Consequential Life Cycle Assessment of Environmental and Economic Effects of Dairy and Beef Consolidation and Intensification Pathways. National Research Network for Low Carbon Energy and Environment (NRN-LCEE).

Education / academic qualifications

  • Professional , Accredited: Animal Scientist (Associate)
  • MSc , Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • PhD , Trade-offs on Sustainable Dairy Farming Systems
  • MSc , Integrated Resource Management
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