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I am a Doctoral Student, TA and Tutor at Bangor University's Philosophy and Religion Department, researching the meaning, function and intelligibility of religious language and utterances. I also have a keen interest in meta-ethics, psychology, language, non-Western religions (esp. Indian), and the implementation of philosophical thought in other disciplines as well as our personal lives.

I am very willing to take part in project collaborations.


Research areas/projects which I am currently working on:

Axiology and the Free Will Debate
Here I explore how our conception of values influence our understanding of free will and determinism, and how that is in turn reflected in our behaviour and world views.

On the Shape of a Life Hypothesis  
This hypothesis identifies how humans typically communicate the value of people’s lives as if it has a shape - rock bottom, well-rounded, all time high, a real turn around - I am researching on how this use of spatial language operates, and what exactly it is about people’s lives that's being valued.

Analysing Raimond Gaita’s Metaethics
Here I explore how the content of Raimond Gaita’s metaethical views relate to his overall understanding of philosophy and human life, suggesting that the clearest reading of his work originates from a firm grasp of his overall philosophical project.

On the Axiology of Theism
This is not a question of if God exists, but a question of if we should want Him to exist. Arguably, the most common opinion is that it would be a good thing if God existed, and so we should want Him to exist, but I disagree. I am working on an argument which if successful, will provide good cause for us to not want God to exist.  

The use of Spiritual Language in Ethics
Here I am exploring, from a Wittgensteinian perspective, the use of spiritual language in our understanding and communication of morality, such as “sin”, “redemption” and “penance”, with a specific interest in studying its use, function, and metaphysical underpinning.

Grant Awards and Projects

  • Awarded a £2,500 scholarship by Bangor University’s Philosophy and Religion department for academic merit and potential in 2014.

  • Awarded £150 to attend and present at Bangor University’s hosting of The North American Association for the Study of Welsh Culture and History conference in 2018.

  • Awarded fee-waiver to attend Bangor University’s 2001: Beyond 50 conference, hosted by the School of Creative Studies and Media in 2018.

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