Prof Dermot Cahill

Head of School / Professor of European Internal Market Law and Procurement Strategy, Additional Duties



Professor Dermot Cahill is Chair in Commercial Law, Head of Bangor University Law School, and Chairman of the Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies.

A graduate of the College of Europe, the National University and Law Society of Ireland, his recent research has concentrated on the areas of European Union Internal Market Law, BREXIT, EU Public Procurement Law & Strategy, and Legal History.

He has been an advisor to both main political parties in the UK on Procurement modernisation and related Internal Market issues, including sitting as an expert Member of the House of Commons Inquiry into the Challenges arising from the Introduction of E-Invoicing in 2014. He is frequently interviewed on the BBC as a leading authoritative commentator.

Over the past 10 years, Professor Cahill and his team at Bangor's Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies have led or participated in major public procurement research projects, both basic and applied research projects, centred around the elimination of non-tariff barriers which inhibit deeper penetration by SMEs of major public procurement markets.

Major projects Prof Cahill and his ICPS team have been involved in include:

- Principal Investigator: Ireland-Wales SME barrier elimination TenderWise project (2004-2007, €900,000);

- Principal Investigator: Ireland-Wales Winning in Tendering procurement modernisation project (2010-2014, €3,700,000) which led to the develoment of the innovative Tender Review Service;

- Co-PI:  TESLA project (Germany-Netherlands-Belgium-Ireland-UK) to investigate feasibility of constructing a non-traditional SME growth-boosting ecosystem using public procurement as a growth accelerator (€450,000, 2014-2015); 

- Co-PI: the PPACT project (France-Spain-Italy-Ireland-UK) procurement project designed to assess the non-tariff barriers which inhibit the success of cross-border bidding consortia in the European Union area (€52,000, 2017-2018)


Professor Cahill is also a co-author of the ground-breaking barriers to Procurement Opportunity Report 2009, which was implemented by the Welsh Government to help eliminate unnecessary barriers to SME participation in public procurement.

Author of Corporate Finance Law (Round Hall Sweet & Maxwell, 2000); Co-Author of European Law (Oxford University Press, 5th ed.); and General Editor of The Modernisation of EU Competition Law Enforcement in the EU (2004, Cambridge University Press); former Editor of the Irish Journal of European Law, Professor Cahill's recent publications include articles published in the fields of Legal History; the Doctrine of Overreaching; Public Procurement Law and Failures in Procurement Feedback processes.

An active PhD supervisor, Professor Cahill has supervised many PhD theses in areas as diverse as Insider Dealing, Debit Card Fraud in Libya; Rights of Displaced Persons in Non-International Armed Conflict; Chinese Competition Law Modernisation; Antitrust Damages Actions in China; Dispute Settlement Mechanisms of the WTO; Public Procurement Law; Islamic Banking Law; and International Riparian Disputes, amongst others. 

He has frequently been invited to serve as either Visiting Scholar or Visiting Professor at leading Universities around the world.

He teaches EU Law on the Bangor suite of LLB degrees and Internal Market Law on the Bangor suite of LLM programmes.

In 2017 Professor Cahill and Bangor Law School were honoured by the Award of the prestigious Horsington-Worthington Prize, along with Bangor's co-collaborators at University of Toulouse-Capitole, who were honoured in Paris by the Annual Meeting of the Franco-Brittanique Lawyers Association for the highly innovative LLB in English Law & French Law / Masters I in International Law double degree programme, whereby students spend two years in France and two years in the UK studying Common Law and Civil Law. The programme is offered under the auspices of the European School of Law, a 14 member collaboration of leading European Universities.

Professor Cahill also serves as an occasional member of the Law Commission of England & Wales' Welsh Advisory Committee, and is, or has served, variously as External Examiner in European Law at the Law Society of Ireland; The National University of Ireland, Galway; Cardiff University; Dublin City University; and The Kings' Inns, amongst others. He also serves as the Examiner in EU Law in the Republic of Ireland's Law Society's Qualified Lawyers Transfer Examination.

Professor Cahill is also Chair of the National Selection Committee for the College of Europe's Irish selection body, the Irish Council for the European Movement. 











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