Dr Edwin Pynegar

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e.pynegar [at] bangor.ac.uk


I am a conservation scientist (and also practitioner) working to design and implement incentive-based conservation programs, as well as evaluating the impact of conservation through counterfactual approaches. In my current role as a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Natural Sciences, I am also based partially in the Comoros, working together with Comorian NGO Dahari to design a conservation agreements program to conserve and restore the remaining native forest on Anjouan Island.

Postgraduate Project Opportunities

I occasionally co-supervise postgraduate students. If you're an MSc student interested in working on conservation agreements, payments for ecosystem services, impact evaluation, or dynamics of land use change in Bolivia, please write to me at e.pynegar [at] bangor.ac.uk.

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e.pynegar [at] bangor.ac.uk

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