Dr Emma Wiik

Postdoctoral Research Officer

Contact info

School of Natural Sciences, Thoday Building, G16

+44(0)1248 382 338


Contact Info

School of Natural Sciences, Thoday Building, G16

+44(0)1248 382 338



I have a wide range of interests surrounding the environment and human impact on its structure and function. To date, my research has included ecosystem-level responses of lakes to continuing (> 100 yrs) nutrient pollution in agricultural catchments; the magnitude and variability of carbon dioxide fluxes in nutrient-polluted lakes; Arctic Holocene climatic change and lake ecosysten structuring; Recent climate change-driven changes in Arctic marine and terrestrial methane and carbon dioxide fluxes, submarine landslide risks, etc.

Currently, I am working with Julia Jones on quantifying the environmental and societal impacts of payments for ecosystem services schemes in Bolivia: http://riogrande.bangor.ac.uk/index.php.en. We are interested specifically in 1) whether deforestation has been reduced in areas where PES schemes have been implemented (compared to where they are not implemented); 2) whether we can predict positive conservation outcomes such as compliance and additionality (conserving land that would have been cleared in the absence of the scheme) based on participants' motivations to join the PES scheme

Whenever I can, I still engage in the Norfolk Ponds Project, assisting with pond restoration and biological monitoring.

Key points of interest:

  • Data: Organising and analysing data using R and GitHub
  • Policy: Science is mostly ahead of policy, in some fields making only marginal gains where basic principles are still not reflected in government decisions. How can we (and I) engage more closely with those who need the science the most?
  • Environment: Understanding patterns and processes underlying what we see around us; rewilding; climate change; water quality

Teaching and Supervision

I am contributing to the BSc courses Freshwater Ecosystems, Conservation Practice, Making Snowdonia, and Environmental Management & Conservation. I am undertaking the British qualification for teaching in higher education (Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education).

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