Dr Jessica Mee



Jessica is a physiology lecturer and a member of the Extremes Research Group. Jessica research focuses on optimising female endurance performance in the heat using novel and accessible strategies. Specifically, Jessica research focuses on the sex differences in the sudomotor function and how the hormonal fluctuations associated with the menstrual cycle alter vascular function and thermoregulation. Jessica is also an active member of the teaching and learning task group and the schools Senior Tutor, Disability Tutor, and Welcome Week lead. 


Jessica's research focuses on how extreme environments affects endurance performance. Much of her research has focused on assessing heat tolerance, and optimising heat acclimation protocols for female athletes.

Teaching and Supervision

Sport and Exercise Physiology (JXH2024); Physiological Skills Assessments (JXH2038); Research Methods (JXH2016); Environmental Physiology (JXH3039); Project Proposal (JXH2041); Research Project (JXH3001); Dissertation (JXH3054); Masters Research Project (JXH4009); Supervised Experience (JXH4008). 

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