Mr Kamalakannan S/O Raja

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Tel: +44 7453839203



I'm a first-year MScRes student looking at the dental morphology of the five extant Panthera (big cat) species and studying the possibility of a correlation between tooth morphology and hunting ecology.

My data collection was done on museum specimens, where I focussed on the canine and carnassial teeth, as these are predominantly used in subduing prey and in feeding.

I am interested in carnivore ecology, particularly their hunting and feeding patterns. For my undergraduate thesis, I worked on a meta-analysis on the prey preferences of the mountain lion (Puma concolor).


Originally from Singapore, I came to Bangor in 2015 to pursue an undergraduate degree in zoology. Upon graduating in 2018, I decided to stay on and do a postgraduate Masters by Research (MScRes).

Academia aside, I spend my free time bettering my skills in wildlife photography and science communication through blogging and Twitter. I am also rather partial to reading, usually focussing on the popular science and fantasy genres.

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2018 - BSc , Prey Preferences in Mountain Lions (Puma concolor) (2015 - 2018)
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