Miss Katie Medlin

Contact info

Email: bsu6b3@bangor.ac.uk

Room details: ECW 3rd Floor

Contact Info

Email: bsu6b3@bangor.ac.uk

Room details: ECW 3rd Floor


I am completing my MScRes on translocation of a medically important snake species (Daboia russelii) in India. I will be focussing on movement ecology of the translocated snakes, which involves six months field work collaborating with the Gerry Martin Project in Hunsur, India.

My undergraduate thesis focused on niche modelling of rattlesnake hybrid zones in southwestern New Mexico and West Texas. My thesis was titled 'Rattlesnake Sex: the ins-and-outs of hybridisation in Crotalus scutulatus and C. viridis contact zones in New Mexico and West Texas using niche modelling'. This work is currently unpublished.


I moved to North Wales in 2015 to start my undergrad degree in Zoology with Herpetology, and fell in love with the surrounding area. I decided to stay at Bangor University to achieve my MScRes degree, which is supervised by Wolfgang Wuster and inolves six months data collection in India.

I plan to undertake a PhD after completion of my MSc.

Research areas and keywords


  • QL Zoology - herpetology, hybridisation, rattlesnakes, arizona, niche, GIS

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