Dr Lowri Evans

Post-doctoral Ecologist


I am a marine ecologist interested in climate warming, fisheries science and organism body size. 


I completed my PhD in September 2018 where I focused on body size variation between species of marine ectotherms. This resulted in 4 main data chapters considering Bergmann's Rule, Latitudinal-Size Clines, Gigantism and the Temperature Size Rule within the zooplankton, shallow water marine ectotherms and phytoplankton. This work was in collaboration with Prof Andrew Hirst and Dr Pavel Kratina at QMUL.

Currently I am working with Prof Jan Hiddink and Dr Jenny Shepperson at Bangor University, where we are developing an application for the assessment of bottom towed fishing activity over sedimentary seabed habitats. This assessment involves utilising the Relative Benthic Status model to determine the status of the sedimentary habitat. 

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2019 - PhD , Biological Sciences - Aquatic Ecology
  • 2013 - MSc , Marine Environmental Protection
  • 2010 - BSc , Marine Biology , Bangor University

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