Mr Michael Ridgill

Research Officer


I am completing a PhD, in which the aim was to quantify and describe the kinetic energy of the world's rivers. The project has provided the first publication of a global-scale riverine hydrokinetic resource assessment and proposed a novel methodology that directly assesses the rate of transfer of kinetic energy of `free flowing' rivers, in accordance with hydrological principles and constructal theory, in contrast to previous approaches to regional-scale resource assessment which, indirectly and unrealistically, estimated the rate of conversion of gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy.

In support of Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult's Marine Energy Engineering Centre of Excellence (MEECE), my research is now directed towards interpreting  wave characteristics, representing sea state and predicting quiescent periods, using X-band radar. Having established a brand new demonstration deployment at Amlwch harbour, we now have the means to investigate this area of research, with dedicated in-situ instruments and an infrastructure suitable for the capture and processing of very large quantities of data. With relationships already established with other institutions, looking to make use of this resource and collaborate, we would welcome the opportunity to work with others interested in using X-band radar and developing technology suitable for supporting maritime operations and marine renewables.

I have previously studied at the university, attaining a BSc(Hons) in Ocean Sciences, an MSc in Applied Physical Oceanography and a PGCE in Science with Physics (Secondary).  In between these periods of study, I have worked as an educator, both in the classroom and outside it, in the UK and Asia.


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