Prof Paul Brocklehurst

Additional Duties, Professor in Health Services Research


I am a mixed-methods researcher who is interested in public health, role substitution and service re-organisation. I am also interested in the efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency of NHS provision and in needs-based work-force planning, particularly relating to the provision of oral health care for older people.

In my trial Unit role, I am interested in trial design and how implementation science can improve pre, peri and post-trial processes. I am also interested in diagnostic test accuracy methodologies and in screening for common oral diseases and oral malignancy in primary care. 

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2013 - FDS RCS (Eng)
  • 2011 -
  • 2011 -
  • 2009 - PhD
  • 2006 - MFGDP
  • 2004 - FFGDP
  • 1989 - Bachelor of Dental Surgery

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