Dr Paul Hill

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science

Contact info

Room 207, Environment Centre Wales, School of Natural Sciences, Bangor University

Email: p.w.hill@bangor.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)1248 382632

Web: Researchgate


My research interests focus on carbon and nutrient (especially nitrogen) cycling in ecosystems. In particular, I am interested in the mechanisms controlling carbon storage in soils and how plants and soil microbes interact in the nitrogen cycle. Most of my work has been in temperate grassland or polar ecosystems. Much of this is associated with climate change, such as effects of elevated carbon dioxide concentrations, increasing temperatures or extreme weather conditions. My principal expertise is in the use of stable- and radio-isotopes to characterise fluxes in plant-soil-atmosphere systems.

  1. 2020
  2. Effect of climate variability and extreme events on microbial activity in soils

    Author: Miura, M., 3 Mar 2020

    Supervisor: Jones, D. (Supervisor) & Hill, P. (Supervisor)

    Student thesis: Doctor of Philosophy

  3. 2019
  4. Hotspots and Hot Moments of Amino Acid Nitrogen: Real-time Insights Using Continuous Microdialysis Sampling

    Author: Hill, E., 8 Oct 2019

    Supervisor: Hill, P. (Supervisor), Jones, D. L. (Supervisor) & Paterson, E. (External person) (Supervisor)

    Student thesis: Masters by Research