Miss Philippa Bayford

Research Project Support Officer


Early career researcher with a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology from Newcastle University and an MSc in Marine Environmental Protection from Bangor University. Experience as a Research Project Support Officer (RPSO) on collaborative projects with industry; Menai Offshore Subsurface Shellfish Systems project (MOSSS) and the Irish Sea Portal Pilot Project (ISPP).  Experience in developing strong links between industry and academia, understanding the environmental variables defining offshore aquaculture sites and the fluctuation of bivalve larvae in the plankton through survey work and monitoring of adult mussel populations. Key skills include Geographic Information Systems (GIS), statistical analysis (including R, PRIMER and SPSS) and genetic techniques to identify key bivalve species in plankton.  Research interests focus on optimizing offshore system design for mussel seed settlement, development of sustainable offshore aquaculture systems through increased understanding of the interactions between plankton and these structures.

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