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In 2018, I graduated with a First-class BSc Zoology degree having obtained numerous research, analysis and academic-based skills through my dissertation project and various other written and practical assignments. Whilst living in New Zealand for a year, I completed a 10 week research-based Student Scholarship programme ran by Hawke's Bay Regional Council. This project involved assessing the impacts anthropogenic drainage structures had on fish populations, focusing on the native inanga (Galaxias maculatus). The council later agreed that I could use the collected data as part of my current MScRes course in Bangor University. My Master's project focuses on the conservation of small-bodied fish which has become somewhat of a passion of mine, though I remain interested in all aspects of animal conservation. 


New Zealand Summer Scholarship 2019/2020

I have recently successfully completed a research internship with Hawke’s Bay Regional Council (HBRC) in New Zealand which involved carefully planning which sites were best to conduct research as well as taking risk assessments and health and safety briefings. Scientific research involved sampling live fish populations, measuring fork lengths and conducting habitat and waterway assessments. Though much of this work was completed independently, it was required that I clearly communicated back to the council’s water quality team on a daily basis to discuss the day’s preliminary findings, and whether any recommendations on how to improve the data collection could be made. Organised data collecting in the field and data entry onto Excel spreadsheets followed, as did simple data analyses and comparisons. A large scientific report was written to a high standard whilst also adhering to the strict time deadline. A bite-size talk was also produced and presented confidently to a room of scientists and councillors, where a question and answer session was held afterwards. Several outings into the field with HBRC’s water quality team involved collecting water and macroinvertebrate samples from numerous waterways across Hawke’s Bay, ready to be taken back to the lab for analysis.

Undergraduate Degree

Third year dissertation project supervised by Profesor George Turner titled "Description of the Lake Malawi Maylandia 'Gold' zebra cichlid species with morphological comparisons against previously-described Maylandia zebra and Maylandia callainos species". 

This research based project involved data collection using classical morphometric and meristic count techniques on deceased cichlid specimens. Geometric data was uploaded onto TPS software prior to transfer into the SPSS and R software packages with subsequent analysis using ANOVA, ANCOVA, Post-Hoc, Levene’s tests, Principal Component and Canonical Variate Analyses.


COVID-19 Processing Operative in Bangor University's Testing Site

Decemeber 2020 - Present

Regular staff member for Bangor University's COVID-19 testing site. This role involves preparing laboratory style test tubes and swabs, processing the saliva sample and the lateral flow device, and noting the result of each test. Each operative requires the use of an individual laboratory desk and equipment so that a safe social distance is maintained. A high level of caution and care is essential to ensure that tests are processed correctly and efficiently. It is required that each operative must sterilise all equipment, the work space and change their PPE after processing each test to reduce the risk of cross contamination and limit the spread of the virus.

Tyddyn Môn Charity Farm, Anglesey

As a regular volunteer, I often taught students about the ecology and behaviour of the various animals present on the Anglesey site. Most recently, I helped organise and run an animal therapy course for children and young adults with mental health issues on a weekly basis, offering advice on animal welfare. The primary aim of this course was to research the potential benefits animals may have on a person's mental health; post-course, data was collected and analysed to report on whether the course reduced the students’ mental health issues.

Zoology and Research based seminars

I attended Bangor University seminars by Dr Ross Piper who has worked with the BBC in wildlife documentaries, asking and receiving valuable pointers and tips regarding my future career. I also regularly attended optional and relevant seminars taken by specialist guest lecturers in Zoology.

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2018 - BSc , First-Class degree. Dissertation titled "Description of the Lake Malawi Maylandia 'gold' zebra cichlid species with morphological comparisons against previously-described Maylandia zebra and Maylandia callainos species." (2015 - 2018)

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