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A serial entrepreneur and educator with ambitious and enthusiasm to drive responsible changes to learning and education through introducing disruptive innovations and empowering people via interdisciplinary collaborations, research and collaborative network. 


PhD thesis working title: Entrepreneurial Learning in a ubiquitous learning environment: how shared learning practices are shaped. 

Web-Based Learning Platform as An Effective Tool for Personalized Self-Directed Learning.

My research is trying to address 1) what does it mean to entrepreneurs switching work environment from office to home from a learning perspective 2) what does it take to acheive shared understanding and entrepreneurial effectiveness among people having less defined identity 3) the role played by technology in terms of shaping ones' identity

My research is qualitative with data collected from observing daily activities of the respondants and interview scripts are analysed for understanding attitudes and perspectices for certain recorded actions and interactions. Enthonographical approach is adopted, then the research is longitudinal to refelect the value of the "insider seeing out" apporach in terms of in-depth understanding of the chosen phonomona.


Research Activity at Previous HEIs

Understanding UK ethnic minority entrepreneurship from an enterprise culture perspective;

Putting Student Back to the Centre: Empowering Students to Create Learning Orientated Network for Entrepreneurship in a Virtual Environment;

Swimming or Surviving: Competence-based Course Development for Safety Concerning Activities;

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