Dr Shaun McGuinness

Honorary Research Associate

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Email: hip402@bangor.ac.uk

Room 229, Main Arts, College Road, Bangor.


  1. Shaun's research is concerned with medieval Wales, and in particular the medieval bishops of Bangor and St Asaph and their acta.

    In 2012 he was awarded a MA (taught, with Medieval Latin) - his MA dissertation combined medieval Welsh law and history, and was entitled ‘Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in Wales during the Age of the Princes.’ Shortly afterwards Shaun was employed by the National Trust as a researcher for the EU/Welsh Government-funded ‘Princes of Gwynedd’ project.

    Shaun's PhD thesis (2021) includes a first edition of Bangor Episcopal Acta, 1092-1306, with Latin transcriptions in full, along with English summaries, in the format of the 'English Episcopal Acta' series. His thesis also contains biographies of the ten bishops of Bangor between 1092 and 1306, as well as an examination of the medieval diocese. To further his research, he has received two Ranulf Higden palaeographical scholarships, a Royal Historical Society grant, and in 2017 attended the Department of ASNC, University of Cambridge.

    The supervisors for his PhD were Professor Huw Pryce and Dr Euryn Rhys Roberts.

    Shaun has taught on the 'Princes to Tudors' and 'Europe in the High Middle Ages' undergraduate modules, and in 2019 was nominated for a teaching award.

    He was appointed Honorary Research Associate in July 2021, and is now compiling an edition of episcopal acta for the twelfth- and thirteenth-century bishops of St Asaph.



Bangor Episcopal Acta, 1092-1306. The Canterbury and York Society. Forthcoming.


Book Chapter:

The Medieval Bishops of Bangor, 1092-1283: Intrusion, Exile and Diplomacy. Power of the Bishop IV, Brepols. Forthcoming.


Book Review:

’Maritime Wales in the Middle Ages’, Archaeologia Cambrensis, 2017, Volume 166, pp. 350-1.


Book Review:

‘The Economy of Medieval Wales, 1067-1536’, Journal of the Mortimer History Society, 2020, Volume 4, pp. 106-9. 


Book Review:

'Medieval Women and Urban Justice, Commerce, Crime and Community in England, 1300-1500', Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 2021, Volume 170, pp. 191-2.


Book Review:

'The Register of Simon Sudbury, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1375-1381', History: the Journal of the Historical Association. Published online 23 May 2022.



Papers given:

’The Bishops of Bangor, and their Acta, 1092-1306’

Eighth Bangor Colloquium on Medieval Wales, 22-23 October 2016


‘The Medieval Bishops of Bangor (1092-1306) as Instruments of Diplomacy’

Power of the Bishop Conference, Cardiff University, 8-9 June 2017


’Cadwgan, Monk of Strata Florida, Abbot of Whitland, Bishop of Bangor, and Monk of Dore’

Hereford Cathedral, 21 March 2018


’The Bishops of Bangor, 1092-1306. Tested Loyalties. The Politics of Intrusion and Exile’

University of Cambridge, 27 April 2018


'The Medieval Bishops of Bangor. Tested Loyalties - Identity and Ethnicity'

Leeds International Medieval Congress, 3 July 2019


''By the Grace of God, Bishop of Bangor'. The Bishops of Bangor, and their Acta, 1092-1306.''

Ecclesiastical History Society, 6 November 2019.


Contact Info

Email: hip402@bangor.ac.uk

Room 229, Main Arts, College Road, Bangor.

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