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I've always had a soft spot for nature and the climate even before I started diving at age 13. I completed my undergraduate masters in Marine Sciences at Bangor University (2015), during which I was also a summer bursary intern with the School of Ocean Sciences. I thoroughly enjoyed this research and it led onto my final year project. After graduation I spent some time living in Mexico for six months conducting coral surveys, lionfish removal and attained my professional scuba certification PADI Divemaster. I have been an Aquarist intern at Plymouth's National Marine Aquarium and I now work part-time as a diver for the Bear Grylls Adventure where I share my ocean passion with guests through education. 


Previously I have focused on tidal changes with sea level rise using a variety of scenarios in a large number of shelf seas. However, I enjoy the marine biology aspects of our field as well as oceanography, particularly how the two link together. How does the environment influence the organisms that live there? 


My research investigates the spatiotemporal effects of internal wave dynamics on coral reefs in the Pacific. Given the increased pressure of global warming combined with effects of human induced activities the outlook for all coral reefs is very poor. There's a real sense of urgency to learn as much as we can. I witnessed the effects of a minor warming event in 2016 in a protected reserve in Mexico, over a third of all corals bleached, it struck home. 


Little is known how internal dynamics transport and upwell nutrients and cooler water to the Pacific reefs, but we know that the processes are there. My research aims to quantify how much cold, nutrient-rich water is dissipated on these reefs and how this varies with changes to the Pacific oscillations (i.e. ENSO). I will identify where energetic conversion occurs and where it dissipates to close the internal wave budget. Finally, using digital analysis software relate what I have learned to the spatial patterns in macroecology. 

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  • 2015 - MSc , Master in Marine Science (2011 - 2015)

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