Dr Toby Betenson

Lecturer in Philosophy

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I am a lecturer in philosophy, covering most major sub-disciplines within the analytic tradition.


My research is focussed on the philosophy of religion and ethics, and primarily where those two intersect in issues such as the problem of evil. Recently, I am interested in meta-philosophical questions about the virtues and shortfalls of the analytic method, particularly in the contexts of ethics and the philosophy of religion.

Teaching and Supervision

Modules taught include: Introduction to Philosophy of Religion, Introduction to Logic, Ancient Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy, 20th Century Philosophy of Religion (Wittgenstein), Faith & Reason (Science & Religion), Metaphysics, Political Philosophy, Kant, and The Problem of Evil.

Research Activity at Previous HEIs

I was a researcher on the Templeton-funded 'Axiology of Theism' project at Ryerson University, Toronto, led by Klaas Kraay. Research from this project has recently been released as an anthology: 'Does God Matter? Essays on the Axiological Consequences of Theism'

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2015 - PhD , God Lacks Humanity: The Problem of Evil as a Moral Objection to Theism
  • 2010 - MA , Philosophy
  • 2009 - BA , Theology

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