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  • Emmanouil Grigoriadis


This portfolio of compositions and its software appendix consists of acousmatic, instrumental, and electroacoustic pieces in the form of live electronics. What lies underneath and interconnects these eight compositions is the concept of having ideas in the core of each composition that everyone can engage with; regardless of whether they are performed by specialists or non musicians. The opening acousmatic pieces Peri-Phonis and Morir use one of the most familiar sound to everyone; the human voice and present it at various audiences such as university concerts and theatrical plays respectively. The instrumental piece Ice for small ensemble, undertakes the well known dramatic voyage of the Titanic and through complex compositional processes which are based on familiar sounds such as sea waves, a ship’s horn, and ice breaking into smaller pieces combines spectralism with tonality. The shift to live electronics comes with a trio of compositions: Alilepidrasi, Pandora, and Awakening which are based on a gestural approach to composition by using modern technology such as mobile phones, and motion sensors, along with custom software developed in Max-MSP, and performed by both specialists and non-musicians. By developing and reusing my ideas and sounds; a process I always undertake with great enthusiasm, these three pieces merge into the Strings On The Rocks; an acousmatic composition that embodies everlasting fluctuation. The “coda” of the portfolio comes with the acousmatic piece 7 Doors that combines the human voice of the opening works, and the gestural mobility of the later works. This portfolio presents my basic perception towards sound and music, my fascination about its interconnections with everything that surrounds us, and every inspiration I have had over the years by composers such as Tristan Murail, Iannis Xenakis, Andrew Lewis, and Denis Smalley


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Goruchwylydd / Goruchwylwyr / Cynghorydd
Dyddiad dyfarnuIon 2016