Public Values and Project Management Practices & Processes in the Public Sector in the case of the State of Qatar

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  • Sama Al-Hajri


This dissertation discusses three important issues. First, it highlights previous attempts to asses public projects and to apply Public Value Theory developed by Moore (1995) in real case studies. Second, it focuses on developing an assessment tool that aims to evaluate public projects, which focus more when comparing to private projects on creating non-financial values that are needed and expected by the public. Third, it provides findings of the application of the proposed tool in three different public projects in Qatar. The methodology consists of two main phases: exploratory and confirmatory. During the exploratory phase, the researcher investigated previous public reports and attempts to apply project management in the public sector. The researcher then conducted questionnaires and semi-structured interviews with project managers from 14 different governmental organizations in Qatar. The sample size for the questionnaires was (n=118) with (93) complete responses. The outcomes of the exploratory phase helped to form the proposed assessment tool which combine project management best practices and processes with Public Value Theory & Critical Success Factors developed by Fortune & White (2006). During the exploratory phase, this established tool was applied on three public projects and the findings showed that the tool was effective and can help project managers in the public sector, providing powerful evidence of creating Public Value. Data collecting and proposed tool application was conducted in Qatar, where there is a lack in similar research that dicusses project managaement practices and processes in the public sector as well as previous attempts to create PV.


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Goruchwylydd / Goruchwylwyr / Cynghorydd
  • Azhdar Karami (Goruchwylydd)
  • Konstantinos Nikolopoulos (Goruchwylydd)
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  • Ministry of Education
Dyddiad dyfarnuIon 2017