Take me with you

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  • Sara Bailey


Take Me With You consists of my novel, Take Me With You, and a critical commentary on the process and context of writing it. The novel is about Helena, who returns to the Orkney Islands to help look after her father who is ill. She has not been back for nearly a decade and her return coincides with a school reunion. Helena has to face the past she has been running away from, and deal with not just the death of her father during her visit, but the death, ten years earlier, of her best friend, Anastasia. She learns that friendship doesn't die, it waits. The novel centres around the relationship between Helena and Anastasia as adolescents and was written in response to three novels that have influenced my writing - Helena Dunmore's 'Talking to the Dead', Anne Fine's 'Tulip' and Michele Roberts' 'Daughters of the House'. All of these novels explore the moment of tension in pre-adolescence girls and the intense relationships girls form at this stage. I examine in detail how this schism in these friendships can be intensely destructive using Adrienne Rich's essay 'Compulsory Heterosexuality' (1980) as a theoretical model that informs my own core feminist beliefs and the writing of the novel.


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