Prof Julia Patricia Gordon Jones

Professor in Conservation Science

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I am a conservation scientist interested in conservation impact evaluation (using quasi-experimental approaches, experimental approaches and participatory impact evaluation) and the impacts of conservation interventions (including agri-environment schemes, Payments for Ecosystem Services, community forest management, protected areas and biodiversity offsets). I have a particular focus on the social dimensions of conservation and I greatly enjoy working with people, methods and approaches from across disciplinary divides.

I have a strong interest in Madagascar where I have worked, with many Malagasy colleagues, for 20 years on issues around conservation and development.

I have recently rekindled an old passion of mine: crayfish in Madagascar. I orginally did my PhD on the endemic Astacoides crayfish. In 2005 the invasive marbled crayfish (Procambarus virginalis) arrived. I am now exploring the impacts of the invasive on things as diverse as transmission of schistosomiasis to humans, and children's food security.

I have recently taken over as the director of the Sêr Cymru National Research Network in Low Carbon, Energy and Environment.

I am chair of the College of Engineering and Environmental Science Research Ethics Committee.

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Contact details: Thoday Building, Deniol Road, Bangor University, LL57 2UW, 01248 382650

Twitter: @juliapgjones

Skype: julia.p.g.jones