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  1. Williams, Manon

    Person: Academic

  2. Wilmes, Sophie Berenice

    • School of Ocean Sciences - Research Officer in Deep-Time Earth System Dynamics, Part-time Research Officer in Bio-physical Modelling (Bluefish), Part-time Research Officer in Bio-physical Modelling (Cockles)

    Person: Research

  3. Watkins, Fiona

    Person: Professional

  4. Williams, Wendy

    Person: Professional

  5. Walker-Springett, Guy

    Person: Research

  6. Williams, Nia

    Person: Research, Academic

  7. Woods, Chris

    • School of Health Sciences - Research Officer (Realist Methodologist), Project Manager For The All-Wales Faculty Of Dental Care Professionals

    Person: Research, Professional

  8. Williams, Dilys

    Person: Support

  9. White, Christine

    Person: Support

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