Advancing the understanding of factors which influence job satisfaction of care home staff

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  • Angela Roberts

    Research areas

  • PhD, School of Health Sciences, care home workforce, job satisfaction, workforce practices, scoping review


Knowledge gaps remain about the factors which influence job satisfaction in the care home sector workforce, and the perspectives of staff need to be better reflected.
Study aim and objectives:
The main aim of this study was to add to the evidence base to understand factors which influence job satisfaction within the care home setting. Phase 1 of the study explored management practices, while Phase 2 explored staff views and attitudes on job satisfaction.
A scoping review of the literature illuminated approaches to support care home workforce practices. Nine themes were identified, giving direction to the next stage of the study. Case studies explored staff experiences and management practices, focusing on improving job satisfaction within the care home workforce. Data collected included face to face interviews (n=40) and documentation review (n=20). Case analysis and cross-case thematic analysis was undertaken.
The scoping review findings showed that job satisfaction was a significant factor across all the themes. Case study findings highlighted 1) personal satisfaction, 2) organisational and management influences, and, 3) sustainability of the workforce, as the key issues influencing job satisfaction.
The findings advance understanding about factors which influence this workforce through the contribution of individual and organisational factors shown to support better job satisfaction. The concept of balancing the benefits and drawbacks was pivotal to influence staff decisions to remain (or not) in their care home role. A new managers’ resource offering an original contribution is presented, aiming to increase job satisfaction through improving working conditions and fostering employment stability.
This study adds to the growing body of care sector evidence, broadening the understanding of influences on job satisfaction, whilst presenting the new resource. The study recommendations for research, policy and practice suggest ways in which a holistic approach to job satisfaction can support and retain this workforce.


Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Joanne Rycroft-Malone (Supervisor)
  • Lynne Williams (Supervisor)
Award date28 May 2019