British Pestalozzianism in the nineteenth century : Pestalozzi and his influence on British education.

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  • J. A. Brown

    Research areas

  • History


The study examines the contribution of Pestalozzianism to British nineteenth century education. It begins by detailing the life of Pestalozzi and the importance of his ideas on education. The emergence of British Pestalozzianism through the efforts of Irish pioneers and those having been in residence in Yverdon is assessed. The work and influence of Pestalozzian supporters in Britain is considered and emphasis is placed on Cheam School and object lessons. The study evaluates the Pestalozzian contribution to particular subject areas and the influence of the Home and Colonial School Society to improvements in infant teacher training and early childhood education in England and Wales. The study concludes with an appraisal of the development of Pestalozzian ideals and the associated controversy and subsequent respectability that surrounded the efforts of the British Pestalozzians.


Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
    Award dateJan 1986