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    REAM intensity modulator-enabled 10Gb/s colorless upstream transmission of real-time optical OFDM signals in a single-fiber-based bidirectional PON architecture

    Hugues-Salas, E., Giddings, R. P., Jin, X. Q., Hong, Y., Quinlan, T., Walker, S. & Tang, J. M., 2012, Yn : Optics Express. 20, 19, t. 21089-21100 12 t.

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    Research and conservation of the larger parrots of Africa and Madagascar: a review of knowledge gaps and opportunities

    Martin, R. O., Perrin, M. R., Boyes, R. S., Abebe, Y. D., Annorbah, N. D., Asamoah, A., Bizimana, D., Bobo, K. S., Bunbury, N., Brouwer, J., Diop, M. S., Ewnetu, M., Fotso, R. C., Garteh, J., Hall, P., Holbech, L. H., Madindou, I. R., Maisels, F., Mokoko, J., Mulwa, R., Reuleaux, A., Symes, C., Tamungang, S., Taylor, S., Valle, S., Waltert, M. & Wondafrash, M., 2014, Yn : Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology. 85, 3, t. 205-233

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    Spatial patterns and environmental constraints on ecosystem services at a catchment scale

    Emmett, B., Cooper, D., Smart, S., Jackson, B., Thomas, A., Cosby, B., Evans, C., Glanville, H., McDonald, J., Malham, S., Marshall, M., Jarvis, S., Rajko-Nenow, P., Webb, G. P., Ward, S., Rowe, E., Jones, L., Vanbergen, E. J., Keith, A., Carter, H., Pereira, M. G., Hughes, S., Lebron, I., Wade, A. & Jones, D., 1 Rhag 2016, Yn : Science of the Total Environment. 572, t. 1586-1600

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