Ms Claire Carrington

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I am a PhD researcher with an interest in understanding the ecology and behaviour of marine top predators, specifically how seabirds respond to variations in environmental conditions across a range of spatiotemporal scales.

My multi-disciplinary PhD research focusses on the European Shag (Gulosus aristotelis) and Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) inhabiting the Menai Strait and Conwy Bay, North Wales. I collect biological data using a suite of complementary approaches including novel time-lapse photography, bird borne cameras, GPS tracking, observational surveys, nest monitoring, ringing data and stable isotope analysis. Concurrent environmental data is recorded by in-situ instrumentation and simulated using high resolution hydrodynamic and 3D oceanographic models. Using these data, I investigate how the abundance, distribution, foraging behaviour and population demographics of a coastal seabird species respond to fine scale variations in environmental conditions.

I am currently funded by the NERC ENVISION programme.

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