Dr Hefin Gwilym

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Dr Hefin Gwilym is Lecturer in Social Policy. He obtained his BA and MA degrees from Swansea University and his doctorate from Keele University. He has been a lecturer at Bangor University since 2006. He has many research interests focussed on poverty and neoliberalism. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

If you are interested in being supervised for a PhD by Dr Gwilym then you are welcome to contact him.

Dr Gwilym can be contacted via email at h.gwilym@bangor.ac.uk

Room G5, Bay3, Ground Floor, 

School of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences,

Main Building,

Bangor University,

College Road,


Gwynedd LL57 2DG

email: h.gwilym@bangor.ac.uk


  1. 2022
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  3. 2019
  4. The Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee: Benefits in Wales: Options for Better Delivery

    David Beck (Ymgynghorydd), Sara Closs-Davies (Ymgynghorydd) & Hefin Gwilym (Ymgynghorydd)


    Gweithgaredd: Ymgynghoriad

  5. 2017
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  7. 2016
  8. Local Stakeholders’ Conference: Organiser: Mapping Food Poverty. Bangor University

    David Beck (Siaradwr), Eifiona Lane (Siaradwr) & Hefin Gwilym (Siaradwr)


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