Dr Ian McCarthy

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Room: Room 108A, Nuffield Fish Lab

Phone: 01248 382862

E-mail: i.mccarthy@bangor.ac.uk

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I graduated with a degree in Marine Biology and Zoology from the University College of North Wales, bangor (as was Bangor University) in 1987 and undertook a PhD on individual variation in behavioural and physiological performance in salmonids and sea bass at Aberdeen University under the supervison of Prof. Dominic Houlihan between 1989 and 1992. I remained in Aberdeen for 4 years postdoctoral research studying the physiological ecology of salmonids and flounder. In 1996, I was awarded a NERC Fellowship and I moved to the University Field Station (Glasgow University) on Loch Lomondside to examine the effect of intraspecific variation in physiological performance on growth and life history strategies in salmonid fish. In 1999, I 'popped over the pond' to Mustang Island on the Gulf coast of south Texas to work for Prof. Lee Fuiman at the University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas. My research in south Texas examined the sublethal effects of pollutants on the behavioural and physiological performance of marine fish larvae. I returned to Menai Bridge in February 2002 as a Lecturer in Fish Biology being promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2010 and appointed a Reader in 2016.

Although I trained as a fish biologist, my research interests have broadened and I now work on the behavioural and physiological ecology of aquatic animals (molluscs, echinoderms, crustaceans and fishes). In general, my research interest are:

  1. growth and energetics of aquatic animals (in particular protein synthesis/turnover, trade offs in energy allocation and physiological capacity to survive environmental change)
  2. Consistency of individual physiological and behavioural performance and impacts on life history strategies and fitness
  3. use of chemical tags (isotopes and trace elements) to examine feeding ecology and movement patterns
  4. population biology and management of temperate marine fisheries

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  • 1993 - PhD (1989 - 1993)
  • 1987 - BSc (1984 - 1987)

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