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Room: 406 Westbury Mount     Phone: 01248 382864
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Jan is a professor in the School of Ocean Sciences and specialise in the field of marine benthic ecology. For his PhD he studied the adaptive value of migrations and nursery use for the intertidal bivalve Macoma balthica at the Department of Marine Biology at Groningen University, and he received the Annual VLIZ North Sea Award 2002 from the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) for his PhD thesis. After completing his PhD in 2002, he started a postdoc at Bangor University, where he studied the impact of bottom trawling on the functioning of benthic invertebrate communities. He joined the lecturing staff in SOS in 2006 and was promoted to Reader in 2013. He was awarded a Personal Chair in 2017.  JGH has published >95 peer reviewed papers since 2001. His grant capture since 2006 totals over £7M.

His research broadly examines the effect of human disturbance on benthic ecosystems, including fishing and climate change. He has a broad interest in other topics and has been working on research ranging from cattle trampling wader nests on saltmarshes to acoustic monitoring of cetaceans. His research is focussed on gaining a quantitative understanding of the effect of disturbance (such as exploitation and climate change) on the biodiversity and functioning of marine benthic communities, and on how such effects can be mitigated. JGH aims to increase understanding of ecosystem functioning and distribution patterns by comparing empirical data with predictions of ecological models. Much of this research has focused ont the effect of bottom trawling on benthic ecosystems.

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  • 2002 - PhD
  • 1997 - BSc

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