Dr Martyn Roberts

Ymchwilydd Ôl-ddoethurol - Project ArctiCONNECT

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316 Westbury Mount

School of Ocean Sciences

Bangor University

Menai Bridge LL59 5AB

Wales, UK


Web: ResearchGate; Google Scholar



I am an observational marine scientist with broad research interests lying at the interface between physical oceanography and marine ecology. I am interested in the following themes: marine optics and its relevance to algal productivity and distribution; hydrodynamics and other abiotic factors and their influence on the biogeography, structure, and function of vulnerable marine ecosystems; water masses, ocean currents, and stratification and their role in ocean circulation, climate regulation, and biophysical ecology.

I have a background in physics and ocean sciences, completing a Ph.D. (Bangor University, Wales) in 2015 on tidal modulation of seabed light and its implications for benthic algae. Since then I have undertaken post-docs in deep-sea research at Bangor and at the University of Bergen (Norway), before returning to Bangor to work on an ocean-atmosphere climate change project, ArctiCONNECT.      


Research Areas: Marine Ecology; Ocean Physics; Earth System Science and Climate Change.


Addysg / cymwysterau academaidd

  • 2015 - PhD
  • 2010 - BSc
  • 2008 - Arall
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