Dr Noel Bristow

Darlithydd - Rheoli Data Piblinell Rhyngrwyd Pethau

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Position: Lecturer in IoT Pipeline Data Management

Office: Room 325, Dean Street

As a practical person my interests are on the applied side of engineering – how can we use technology to solve the problems that society faces. I am a passionate advocate for all forms of renewable energy. My background is in electronic engineering, data analysis and computer programming and I spent nearly three decades working in industry before returning to academia. I am currently interested in the use of modern data analysis and visualisation techniques when applied to large datasets, especially those coming from the ever growing number of envirionmental IoT sensors. My practical research interests are in the fields of applied photovoltaics, embedded microelectronics and wireless sensor networks, and I am particularly interested in the use of organic photovoltaics for solar energy harvesting.

I believe that climate change is the biggest challenge mankind has ever faced and it is absolutely essential that those of us who are able to make a contribution do so. This aligns well with the Bangor University Strategy 2030 of building “A Sustainable World for Future Generations”. I have always had an enquiring mind and academic research fulfils my quest for knowledge. I believe that collaboration is a key component of research success and throughout my career I have built lasting relationships with others, to the benefit of both parties.


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