Dr Robert Annewandter

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Dr Robert Annewandter is an Advanced Nuclear Materials Modelling Research Officer at Bangor University. His research focuses on identifying and understanding key mechanisms of increased nuclear fusion reaction rates of plasma fuels in hydrated metals. Identification of these key mechanisms may lead to the design of advanced nuclear materials to generate very high neutron fluxes. He has expert knowledge in Monte-Carlo methods and atomistic simulations, to study interactions between neutrons, plasma fuels, and nuclear-electronic structures of host materials. 


He holds a PhD in Petroleum Engineering awarded by Heriot-Watt University working with Prof Sebastian Geiger. In his thesis he implemented an equation of state library for CO2-H2O-NaCl systems and developed a novel coupled Finite-Element Finite-Volume operator splitting method to capture capillary effects in highly fractured heterogeneous aquifers to study trapping of CO2. He earned his Physics Diploma at the University of Hamburg (Germany) on verification of underground nuclear explosions.

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