Professor Ruben Valbuena

Athro er Anrhydedd

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Room: G19, Thoday Building, School of Natural Sciences, Bangor University


Phone: +44 (0)1248 38 2445

Web: GoogleScholar, ResearchGate, Publons

My work consists in the use of big data to answer ecological questions at the ecosystem community and landscape levels. I use remote sensing data, LIDAR in particular, due to its great potential for analysing structural and morphological traits of ecosystems, and thus estimate carbon stocks, ecosystem services, or habitat suitability for species. During the last seven years, I have pioneer adaptations of methods based on Lorenz curves to forest science and remote sensing; work awarded with the International Union of Forest Researchers (IUFRO) 2019’s Outstanding Doctoral Research Award.

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Manylion Cyswllt

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