Dr Sopan Patil

Lecturer in Catchment Modelling

Contact info

Office: Thoday Building, Room F6

Email: s.d.patil@bangor.ac.uk

Website: https://sopanpatil.weebly.com/

Tel: +44 1248 38 8294


Research Overview:

I am a catchment hydrologist with research interests along two broad themes: (1) to understand how climate and land-use change will affect the hydrological behaviour of landscapes across multiple observation scales, and (2) to quantify the resilience of linked ecosystem services to hydrological changes in the region. I am especially interested in investigating the spatial and temporal patterns of environmental change through model-based evaluations across numerous river basins.


Current Research Students:

John Musau (PhD): Land Cover Change Impacts on Water and Energy Balance in East Africa

Richard Dallison (PhD): Climate Change Impacts on the Water Industry in Wales

Matthew Cooper (PhD): Investigating the Role of Forested Lands for Natural Flood Management in Wales


Wider Academic Contribution:

Associate Editor: Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA)

Guest Editor for the special issue in journal Atmosphere: Impact of Climate and Land-Use Change on the Earth’s Critical Zone

Guest Editor for the special issue in journal Water: Natural Ecosystems Management and Mountain Engineering Works as Tools for Runoff and Sediment Yield Control

Member of the NERC Peer Review College

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