Professor Yueng-Djern Lenn


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311 Craig Mair 
School of Ocean Sciences
Bangor University, Wales
Menai Bridge LL59 5AB
tel:+44 1248388658
e-mail:y.lenn AT
I am a polar physical oceanographer and my interests lie in understanding the physical processes integral to ocean overturning that impact climate in the polar oceans. My Southern Ocean research has focused on Drake Passage eddy heat and momentum fluxes, the surface Ekman layer that constitute the upper limb of the overturning circulation, and diapycnal mixing driving water mass transformation in the thermocline at the Antarctic continental slope. My Arctic research focuses on water mass transformations occurring in the continental shelf seas and along the Arctic continental slope that link the Arctic to the global overturning circulation, most recently investigating the role of different mixing mechanisms (i.e. double diffusion and turbulent mixing drive by tides or winds) in fluxing heat and other properties from the warm Atlantic Water into overlying Arctic halocline and mixed layer.   
I am also the schools liason for the School of Ocean Sciences, co-ordinating most school visits to Ocean Sciences by schools as well as providing support for colleagues who visit schools.  Other outreach events I support include school STEM Careers Fairs and other Science Fairs.  These activities include events organised in partnership with STEMCymru and other similar organisations seeking to promote STEM in Wales and beyond. 
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  • 2006 - PhD
  • 1998 - MSc
  • 1997 - MA

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