A tool to help lay out Multiple View Visualisations guided by view analysis

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In this paper, we present ‘Layouts for Multiple View’ (LMV), a tool that helps users build, control and save multiple view visualisations simply and easily using a bespoke grammar. The tool incorporates template multiple view layout strategies as quantified from prior research on view analysis, and the user can build different layouts by defining the grammar, or through the linked visual interface. LMV saves the multiple view layout as a JSON file, including all the details of the layout and attributes of the visualisation, which can be subsequently loaded and adapted or used to create dashboards. LMV guides the user to (i) design and control the multiple view layout, (ii) add data and allocate a specific visualisation technique for each view, and (iii) to adapt specific appearance properties of the layout.


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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 25 Mai 2020
DigwyddiadEurographics & Eurovis 2020 - Norrköping, Sweden
Hyd: 25 May 202029 May 2020


CynhadleddEurographics & Eurovis 2020

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