A Visualization Tool Used to Develop New Photon Mapping Techniques

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We present a visualization tool aimed specifically at the development and optimization of photon map denoising methods. Our tool allows the rapid testing of hypotheses and algorithms through the use of parallel coordinates, domain-specific scripting, colour mapping and point plots. Interaction is carried out by brushing, adjusting parameters and focus-plus-context and yields interactive visual feedback and debugging information. We demonstrate the use of the tool to explore high-dimensional photon map data, facilitating the discovery of novel parameter spaces which can be used to dissociate complex caustic illumination. We then show how these new parametrizations may be used to improve upon pre-existing noise removal methods in the context of the photon relaxation framework.
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CyfnodolynComputer Graphics Forum
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 14 Hyd 2014
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