Bocsys (Boxes): Brain - Fran Wen

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  • Ffion Haf (Cynhyrchwr)
    Fran WenArts Council of Wales
3 months, 25 young people, 7 professional interdisciplinary artists, exploring the relationship between technology and live performance. Bringing the virtual world of gaming and projection mapping together, as well as live compositional design to create a progression of multi-realities. “The world of the play is situated in an underground lab, filled with secret agents documenting the audiences answers, journey’s and decisions throughout. but who will win…us or them?”


Iaith wreiddiolCymraeg
CyhoeddwrBrain - Fran Wen
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 26 Chwef 2014
Cyhoeddwyd yn allanolIe
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