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We begin this paper with several concepts and techniques from HCI that have proven useful to us in the development of ColloCaid: a text editor aimed at helping writers with academic English collocations (Frankenberg-Garcia, Lew, Roberts, Rees, & Sharma, 2019). Next, we report on explicit feedback on a beta version of ColloCaid provided by users of academic English, including a first-hand account of ColloCaid’s usability measured against the widely used System Usability Scale (Brooke 1996). We end the session with a reflection on the embedding of computation in everyday objects and devices, and the interesting parallels this raises with collocation resources integrated with text editors which require little or no prior training to use.


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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 30 Medi 2019
DigwyddiadCollocations in Lexicography: existing solutions and future challenges: Workshop on collocations at eLex 2019 - Sintra, Portiwgal
Hyd: 30 Sep 201930 Sep 2019


GweithdyCollocations in Lexicography: existing solutions and future challenges
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