Flax/Epoxy Composite Beams - Simulation of Flexural Stresses

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  • 2019-Flax Epoxy Composite Beams

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Bio-based fibre reinforcements (hemp, jute, flax) derived from agricultural waste and forestry are increasing its potential towards advanced composites, promoting environmental benefits and thermal recycling (including a reduction in CO2 emissions and the fossil fuel depletion). Currently, there is a growing interest of natural fibres due to its lower density, and higher modulus-to-density ratios compared to glass and carbon fibre reinforcements. The present work was intended to understand how the flax fibre layups and orientation affect the behaviour of laminated composites in bending. Unidirectional [00]2S, cross-ply [0/90]S, and angle-ply [+45/-45]S laminates made up of flax fibre reinforced epoxy composites are considered to study flexural stresses and mid-span deflections. Basic principles of the classical beam theory (CBT)
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 1 Ebr 2019

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