Framework agreements in public procurement in Africa: Progress and limitations

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The chapter analyses current regulatory provisions on framework agreements in Botswana, Ethiopia and Ghana, to draw attention to the progress made in regulating such frameworks, and to highlight some limitations in the provisions. It argues that while well-drafted legal provisions and guidance on framework agreements can support public entities to use the technique to achieve procedural efficiency, poorly designed provisions create complications and inefficiencies, which may deter public entities from adopting framework agreements appropriately in their procurement practice. To ensure maximum benefit to developmental efforts through the use of framework agreements, regulations on frameworks should be as clear as possible and balance the need for certainty by providing sufficient detailed guidance to decision-makers, while still allowing them adequate flexibility to tailor the instrument to the relevant context.
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TeitlPublic Procurement Regulation in Africa: Development in Uncertain Times Development in Uncertain Times
GolygyddionGeo Quinot, Sope Williams-Elegbe
Man cyhoeddiSouth Africa
CyhoeddwrLexis Nexis
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ISBN (Electronig)9780639010601
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2020
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