Hidden in Plain View: Jews and Jewishness in British Film and Television

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The Joan Goodman Memorial Lecture was instigated by Simon Goodman, Joan’s cousin, in about 2001. Joan was a notable member of both the Norwich Hebrew Congregation and the Norwich Liberal Jewish Community. Joan joined the Liberal community as she felt that women should be able to participate fully in Jewish rites and practices. Joan was very generous, helping both communities, for which we are very grateful. We thank Simon for initiating this annual lecture honouring his cousin and enabling both commnuities to work together to provide this event. At this year’s lecture professor Nathan Abrams will tell us about Jewish involvement and influence in the British film industry: Hidden in Plain View
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 15 Ion 2015
DigwyddiadJoan Goodman Lecture, The synagogue, Norwich, January 15th 2015. -
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CynhadleddJoan Goodman Lecture, The synagogue, Norwich, January 15th 2015.
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